The best stock photos on the internet

If you’ve ever google image searched for a particular photo and cringed at the results, you know quality stock photos are hard to come by. Yet, they are so important for setting the tone of your brand, especially if you don’t have the resources to hire a professional photographer.


High quality photos are more important than ever for marketing your business or organization. With the rise of Instagram and Pinterest, consumers have become accustomed to seeing professional photography. If your photos don’t meet the standards of your target market, you risk your business being seen as unprofessional. While custom photography is always best (a blog post for another time), high quality stock photos are a great, less expensive and less time consuming alternative.

So today, I’m sharing my 4 favorite resources for high-quality, royalty free imagery:

1 |

Best for: Free nature, people, and business imagery

StockSnap is a great place to find beautiful, free, high-resolution imagery. All photos are free for commercial use and don’t require attribution to the photographer. Their search feature makes finding specific imagery easy. Be sure to sign up for their email list to have new stock photos delivered to your inbox weekly.

2 | Stock Up

Best for: Free nature & abstract images

Stock Up compiles free stock imagery from 28 different stock photo websites. It also has a search feature to help you filter through their library of over 14,000 stock photos. However, while most photos are royalty-free, some do require attribution. It’s up to you to check the license on each photo.

3 | Stocksy

Best for: Everything! But especially lifestyle imagery with people.

Stocksy is by far my favorite stock photo website. While the images aren’t free, they are fairly inexpensive. It is truly a gold mind for trendy, lifestyle photography. Because all of the models have signed release forms, they have an unparalleled selection of images with people, families, groups, etc. Their pricing strategy is simple. No messing around with having to purchase credits or a monthly subscription to their site.

Small photo: $15.00
Medium photo: $30.00
Large photo: $75.00
X-Large photo: $125.00

4 | Creative Market

Best for: Blog and social media images

While Creative Market doesn’t have a huge selection, they do have some really nice imagery for blogs and social media posts. Photos range in price between around $5 - $30. Again, no hassle of signing up for a subscription.

Between those four stock photo sites, I’ve never had to find stock photos anywhere else. Again, I’ll stress that using stock photos isn’t ideal. You’ll might notice other brands using the same photos which dilutes your brand. But these sites will get you through when time and money are tight.

Have a stock photo resource that I haven’t mentioned? I’d love to hear about it!