How to create eye catching social media graphics

When I launched Humble Design Studio’s social media accounts, I knew I wanted to use it to share my graphic design knowledge and encourage small business owners and non-profits.

To do this, I needed to design graphics that would allow me to promote my blog posts, share inspirational quotes, and give quick graphic design tips. I also needed them to catch the eye of my target audience.

While there are many reasons why some posts get more engagement that others, I’m going to dive into just one of the key factors: eye-catching graphics.

Create eye catching social media graphics

Whether you’re promoting a sale, blog post, or revealing a new product or service, you’ve probably used graphics on your feed. I have 4 simple, straightforward tips to improve engagement on these types of posts.

Tip 01 | Imagery is king

Sometimes graphics get high engagement, but a lot of times graphics get less engagement than eye-catching imagery. 

The reason for this is pretty simple…the brain processes imagery faster than words. When scrolling through their feed, your audience might be tempted to scroll right by something with a lot of text or with a solid color background simply because it takes more time and energy to process what you’re trying to say in your post.

The best solution for this is to use imagery in the background and limit the amount of text on your graphic to 1-10 words. The image will help your audience quickly connect with the topic of your post.

Note: When putting text over imagery, it can be hard to make sure the text is readable. It can help to choose a darker photo and white text or put a solid color behind the text.



Tip 02 | Less is more

Eye-catching doesn’t necessarily mean you have to use bright colors or bold fonts. Sometimes less is more.

We live in a world full of visual stimulation. Every post on social media is vying for our attention. So our brains have to pick and choose how much information to process.

Limiting the size of your type and the amount of words you put on your graphic can help make it easier for your audience to quickly grasp your message.



Tip 03 | Choose the right design tool

Adobe InDesign: This is a layout design program that easily allows you to size your graphic and layer imagery and text. Beyond social media graphics, InDesign can help you create any layout design piece like a menu, workbook, or pricing guide. It’s $29.99 (month to month plan) or $19.99 (annual plan, paid monthly).

Canva: I don’t have any experience with this tool personally, but I’ve heard it’s super easy to use. It’s completely online and they have pre-designed templates that allow you to customize the graphics for business or organization.

Creative Market: You can purchase pre-designed graphic templates and edit them using Photoshop.

Tip 04 | Stay true to you

If you’re using a pre-designed template, make sure to stay true to your brand. Use your fonts, colors, and patterns to make the graphics your own.

Once you design a couple graphics, use them as templates for future graphics so that your feed stays consistent.