Color Palette Inspiration by Industry: Photography

Welcome to my fifth and final installment of the Color Palette by Industry blog series! So far, I've created color palettes for the food and beverage, fitness, fashion, and non-profit industries. Today, I'm sharing inspiration for the photography industry.

My hope is that this post is helpful for anyone who owns a photography business to learn how to develop an attractive, appropriate, and personalized color palette that helps you reach your target market.


Each palette is created through the use of a moodboard (a collection of imagery that has the look and feel you want your business to embody). I use these images as a jumping off point to create palettes that feel cohesive with the overall look and feel of the organization.

Moodboards can be created with Pinterest, or if you're feeling crafty, cut and paste from your favorite magazines! When looking for imagery, look for patterns, color tones, emotions and objects that remind you of your organization.

Being strategic with your color choice and consistent with your use of that color will help create an attractive, familiar, recognizable brand.

Newborn Photographer - Color Palette Inspiration

Newborn Photographer

This pastel color palette evokes a calm and peaceful mood. Moms are the target market for newborn photographers, so the colors are soft and feminine. The palette includes pink and blue as well as other gender-neutral colors.

Wedding Photographer Color Palette.jpg

Wedding Photographer

This color palette was specifically made with a high-end clientele in mind. The images depict luxurious weddings. The colors are classic and sophisticated. This neutral palette will allow the photographs to stand out when utlized across marketing platforms.

Nature Photographer Color Palette Inspiration

Nature Photographer

This palette is colorful, yet subdued. The colors can all be found in nature. They evoke a spirit of adventure.

Pet Photographer Color Palette Inspiration

Pet Photographer

These colors are fun and playful, just like the furry friends shown above. There are a mix of soft and bright colors which balance each other nicely.