Increase your business by starting a blog

There was a time when I wished I would have minored in business rather than english. I figured I must be missing out on some “secret sauce” with my lack of business knowledge. I thought there was no way I could be a business owner without having ever taken a single business class.

Since going back to school wasn’t a viable option, I sought out other ways to learn business strategies. I came across a few blogs that I truly believe have taught me more about being a business owner in the creative industry than a business degree would have.

There’s a blog post for to invoice, how to write contracts, accounting advice, project management tips, the list goes on and on. And while these aren’t written by acclaimed professors, they are written by accomplished people with plenty of real-world experience. Not every blog is created equal, but I found myself leaning more and more into certain sources as their tips and advice continually provided value for my business.

As an avid blog reader, I know the value blogs have added to my life personally. Now as a blog writer, I’ve discovered the opportunity blogs have to increase my business, give back to the online community that has meant so much to me, and use my english minor!


Today, I’m sharing five reasons why starting a blog has the power to increase your business revenue.

1. Positions you as an expert in your field

By sharing your expertise with others, readers will automatically see you as an expert. So just start by sharing what you already know. Once a potential client/customer sees you as an expert, they’re more likely to buy your products or book your services.

2. Creates trust and value for your potential clients/customers

When you give your knowledge away for free through transparent blog posts, you are gaining “trust points” with potential clients/customers. As these trust points accumulate, and as you add more and more value to someone else’s life or business, these people become members of your “tribe.” And while your tribe might not always turn into a client/customer, they are invaluable advocates for your business, marketing you to those in their circle free of charge.

There’s a great little book I read called The Go-Giver. It talks about the truth behind this idea in business: “Give and you shall receive.” Share your knowledge freely and openly with others and the gift always comes back around.

3. Increases your Search Engine Optimization or SEO

You’ve probably heard this one before, but I’ll say it again. Blogs are great for SEO. They are a wealth of rich key words that elevate your website in search engines. The more you blog, the higher you’ll find your site ranked on Google.

4. Grows your email list

72% of US consumers say that email marketing is the number one way they’d prefer to receive permission-based promotions from businesses (Marketing Cloud). People who subscribe to your email list are members of your tribe who are actually asking you to promote your business to them. How cool!

By having a blog, you have something to consistently provide value to your tribe and keep your business at the top of their minds.

5. Gives you something to talk about in social media

It’s can be tough to figure out what to post in social media. Especially when you don’t want to come across as sales-y.

Sharing you blog posts is a great way to have something to consistently post about. Similar to your email list, your social media followers are a group of people who have chosen to receive your marketing.

By sharing your knowledge through blog posts you are again providing value and engaging your tribe.

Want more tips on blogging? Check out my Pinterest page where I regularly post helpful content about business, blogging, websites, email lists and more!