Color Palette Inspiration by Industry: Food & Beverage

Welcome to the first post in my Color Palette by Industry blog series! In this bi-weekly series, I'll be creating color palettes inspired by specific industries. My hope is that this would serve as inspiration for business owners in a variety of industries as well as teach you how to develop a unique and strategic color palette for your brand. Want me to feature your industry? Let me know in the comments below!

Today, I'm kicking it off with the food and beverage industry!


Each palette is created through the use of a moodboard (a collection of imagery that has the look and feel you want your business to embody). I use these images as a jumping off point to create palettes that feel cohesive with the overall look and feel of the business.

Moodboards can be created with Pinterest, or if you're feeling crafty, cut and paste from your favorite magazines! When looking for imagery, look for patterns, color tones, emotions and objects that remind you of your business.

Being strategic with your color choice and consistent with your use of that color will help create an attractive, familiar, recognizable brand.


Healthy Restaurant

This palette was inspired by a youthful but sophisticated restaurant serving healthy dishes. If you're from California think of a restaurant like Lemonade or Urban Plates. I went with more natural tones that are still fun, fresh, and playful.


Wineries remind me of romantic getaways with my hubby, beautiful views of lush vineyards, and blue skies. It also reminds me of the stone and wood seen around the wineries themselves. This palette features rich, warm tones contrasted with cool, nature-inspired tones.


When I think of a brewery, I think about hanging out with friends on an outdoor patio tasting different craft beers. Since beer is typically associated with men, I went with a more masculine color palette that still has some bright pops of color.


While a "typical" bakery color palette usually features pinks and pastels, I went with a more rustic, old-world bakery feel. Think of a bakery in Paris or Rome that's been passed down from generation to generation. This moodboard allowed me to think outside the box and create a color palette that would be completely unique.

If you want me to feature your industry, let me know in the comments!