How to choose the right fonts for your business

At some point as a business owner, you're faced with choosing a font for your business. Whether it’s for your logo, business card, website, or social media graphics, you have to decide between literally tens of thousands of potential font choices. You want the font to feel unique to your brand (i.e. not a standard one that’s already installed on your computer). But a quick search comes up with hundreds of choices from hundreds of websites - many of which are fairly similar.

How to choose the right font for your business

So today I’m sharing my best tips for where to find and purchase fonts, what to look for in a font, and my personal favorite fonts (which you can totally steal!).

1. Where to find and purchase fonts

  • Font Squirrel - All the fonts on this site are free for commercial use. Yay! Just be careful of poorly designed fonts. Look out for script letters that don't connect, incomplete fonts (i.e. doesn't include numbers or other special characters), and letters that don't look quite right. But in general, I've had great luck with these fonts.
  • Myfonts - This is my favorite place to purchase fonts. I love being able to type a word in and see how it looks in all of their fonts at a glance. They also show examples of the fonts being used in graphics which are so inspiring!
  • Creative Market - This is a great place to purchase very affordable fonts - especially if you're looking for a script font. The downside is you have to click on each font to see what it really looks like. 
  • Adobe Typekit - If you have a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud, you can sync these fonts to your computer for free! They also sync with Squarespace, my favorite website platform so your fonts are consistent across all your marketing platforms.

2. What to look for in a font

When searching for the perfect font for your business, there are three questions you should ask yourself:

  1. Does this font match the personality of my business?
  2. Does it have the characters I need? (i.e. capital letters, lowercase letters, numbers, hyphens, etc.)
  3. Does it come in different weights? Consider if you'll need bold or italic versions of the font. For example, if you're designing a menu for your restaurant, you might want to bold the name of each menu item and italicize the description.

Below are examples of fonts that have distinct personalities. You'll want to make sure whatever font you use is appropriate for your business and your brand.

Beloved Script is classic and feminine. It would be perfect for a business targeting female clientele such as a women's clothing boutique or wedding photographer.

Didot is sophisticated and timeless. Consider Didot if your business is catering to an upscale clientele.

Nixie One is modern and minimalist. It would be a great choice for a restaurant with modern, sleek decor or a modern art museum.

Manus is casual and handcrafted. It could work well for a coffee shop, café, or even a business selling handmade products.

3. My favorite fonts

I'm spilling my all-time favorite fonts! Usually I use a font for a few projects and get sick of it after a while. Sort of like listening to that catchy new song on repeat until you can't stand it anymore. But these...these fonts are ones I've come back to again and again for years. They're timeless and versitile. If you like them, you can download them here:


Questions about choosing a font for your business or fonts in general? Leave them in the comments below!