Color Palette Inspiration by Industry: Fitness

Welcome to my second post in the Color Palette by Industry blog series! Every other week I'm creating color palettes based on niches within a specific industry. If you missed the last post inspired by the food and beverage industry, you can check it out here.

My hope is that this post is helpful for anyone starting a fitness-related business to learn how to develop an attractive, appropriate, and personalized color palette that helps you reach your target market.


You might be wondering why choosing the right color palette is so important. The truth is, people decide within 90 seconds whether or not they like a product and 90% of that decision is based solely on color (99designs). Using the right color for your logo, website, and even interior walls can make your business instantly more attractive to a potential client/customer.

Each palette is created through the use of a moodboard (a collection of imagery that has the look and feel you want your business to embody). I use these images as a jumping off point to create palettes that feel cohesive with the overall look and feel of the business.

Moodboards can be created with Pinterest, or if you're feeling crafty, cut and paste from your favorite magazines! When looking for imagery, look for patterns, color tones, emotions and objects that remind you of your business.

Being strategic with your color choice and consistent with your use of that color will help create an attractive, familiar, recognizable brand.

Personal Trainer

This color palette was inspired by an outdoorsy personal trainer who works mostly with female clients. From the imagery, I created a palette that was fresh, clean, and fun. The palette doesn't feel intense or intimidating as gyms often do. Instead, it's more subdued, inspired by working out outdoors.

Yoga Studio

Inspired by vibrant colors found in the desert, this palette feels energetic and earthy. The colors are pulled from red rocks, green shrubs, brown soil, and turquoise gems. It's perfect for a yoga studio in a desert setting.

Horseback Riding Instructor Color Palette.jpg

Horseback Riding Instructor

This palette was created with a high-end show jumping instructor in mind. It's sophisticated, classic, and bold.

Barre Studio

This barre studio has a feminine aesthetic to target mostly female clientele. The neutral tones help balance the lavender and blush so that it isn't overly feminine.

Want me to feature your industry next? Let me know in the comments below!