How to choose the right fonts for your business

At some point as a business owner, you're faced with choosing a font for your business. Whether it’s for your logo, business card, website, or social media graphics, you have to decide between literally tens of thousands of potential font choices. You want the font to feel unique to your brand (i.e. not a standard one that’s already installed on your computer). But a quick search comes up with hundreds of choices from hundreds of websites - many of which are fairly similar.

Color Palette Inspiration by Industry: Fitness

Welcome to my second post in the Color Palette by Industry blog series! Every other week I'm creating color palettes based on niches within a specific industry. My hope is that this post is helpful for anyone starting a fitness-related business to learn how to develop an attractive, appropriate, and personalized color palette that helps you reach your target market.

Color Palette Inspiration by Industry: Food & Beverage

Welcome to the first post of my Color Palette by Industry blog series! In this bi-weekly series, I'll be creating color palettes inspired by specific industries. Today, I'm kicking it off with the food and beverage industry. My hope is that this would serve as inspiration for anyone in this industry as well as show how to develop a unique and strategic color palette for your brand.

Increase your business by starting a blog

As an avid blog reader, I know the value blogs have added to my life personally. Now as a blog writer, I’ve discovered the opportunity blogs have to increase my business, give back to the online community that has meant so much to me, and use my english minor!

Today, I’m sharing five reasons why starting a blog has the power to increase your business revenue.